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  • Filip Dobias
  • Filip Dobias

Filip founded in 2018 together with cut-master David Gabera very young glass studio called Crystal brothers ateliers. David has lifelong experiences with glass cutting and together with Filip are looking for new artistic approaches in technologies in traditional glass cutting. The beauty of Filip’s work is the 100% hand production of every piece, something that is very rare in glass industry these days.

Filip is talented glass designer and glass blower. After his studies at Prague’s Colleague of Arts under world famous glass designer and sculptor Rony Plesl, he spent time to broaden his outlook in Japan, at Institute of glass in Toyama. He graduated the studies by his very own exhibit in T.I.G.A Gallery Japan. He is regular exhibitor during world famous Design block in Prague and he has received multiple awards (Ludwig Moser award, Stanislav Libensky award…) Filip is definitely raising star in the glass design industry and DUYD is very proud to collaborate.

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