About Me

Dear visitors of my website!

As a Czech native, I fell in love with glass and its industry when I started working for the world renowned lighting company Lasvit (who use hand made glass components in their ceiling sculptures). I have learned everything about the history, materials, artists, techniques, development and processes hidden behind each beautiful glass object. I got to work with designers and glass blowers who are an endless inspiration and who diverted my professional route to a passion for table ware, glasses of any kind and glass objects. I started to collaborate with young and talented designers by promoting their portfolios and also with the Czech leaders in glass and crystal table ware – company Ruckl. I am very proud I have the chance to introduce these beautiful lines of Bohemian crystal to the United States.

And watch out, our very own DressUpYourDrinks design line of glassware is coming up soon……

Thank you for your interest in DUYD,


Katerina Hickey


Katerina Hickey